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  1. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.7 ---------------- - Fixed teleporting into stall - Buffed scythes - Buffed deathtouch darts - Re-added deathtouch darts to donator store - Buffed all melee weapons in-game - Buffed all range weapons in-game - Fixed mining signs outside woodcutting guild - Added Volitile nightmare staff - Added facegaurd - Added Pos, general store, slayer masters and altar to change spell books to ::dz and ::Edz - Changed pestcontrol timer to 10seconds - Fixed elite body armour - Added elite justiciar armour - Updated red twisted bow (BIS bow ingame) - Discord update for all staff members, everything is now monitored on discord (clan chat, commands, yells, trades, fights, private messages, general chat) - Updated to #188 latest osrs data - Buffed XP - Added ring of wealths picking up coins and blood money - Buffed torva, pernix P.S we dont add every single update, if you'd like to see every update please let a staff member know and we'll be sure to start including all updates. the updates that are included are updates that effect the games integrity.
  2. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.6 ---------------- - Added hitpoints & prayer counter - Added Showing hitpoints & prayer icons (side bar of inventory) - Added Show amount of hitpoints and prayer restored - Added Lobster, tuna potato, shark, manta ray, karambwan, monkfish, angler fish, saradomin brew support - Added Prayer potions, super restores, sanfews (more can be added if needed to both) - Added full-screen support - Added Ava's assembler making - Buffed xp rates - Added elite ancestral - Added brimstone boot creation - Added devout, godsword (or) creations - Added wildy slayer - Fixed black mask (10) - Fixed fishing only giving selected angler outfit - Buffed elite armadyl - Added ensouled heads - Added a npc to redeem ensouled heads for xp
  3. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.5 ---------------- - Added skull kill streaks - Fixed wearing dragon bolts - Increased donator boxes from 1$ to 3$ - Fixed double drops - Kodai wand droprate increased from 500 - 1000 - Added Colossus armour stats - Adjusted shadow lord armour stats - Added Collection log - Changed client login screen - Added more bosses to collection log - Recoded client to work with JDK1.7 - Latest versions - Bank searching fixed
  4. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.4 ---------------- - Slayer unlocks fixed - Fixed Willow, maple, yew, magic trees - Added dragon pickaxe (or) (Can use as a pickaxe + hatchet) - Added edgevile dungeon - Removed uncut zenyte - Fixed all dragon bolts (Correct stats and useable) - Added spellbook altar - Fixed dragon chainmail - Updated starter tutorial - Added mithril ore to crafting guild - Added WOGW timer - Reduced price of stardust - Fixed double hitting (Was beneficial but not ideal) - Increased 3rd age dragon HP - Added slayer helm parts to general store
  5. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.3 ---------------- - Added slayer helm parts in iron man shop - Added ::togglevialsmash - Removed kill all npcs command - Added wyvern shield protections - Removed XP lamp from pvm shop - Removed desert items from drop notifications - Drop catcher buffed - Nerfed ether price - Added ::konar - Started work on loyalty shop - Moved shops so there not standing on each other - Reworked names and dialog spell checking - Updated ::market (website version) shows market transactions - Fixed command redirections
  6. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.2 ---------------- - Fixed trading post bug (invisable inventory) - Removed herbs from global annoucements - Added broadcast system - Added tournaments - Added brimstone chest - Added brimstone keys (droped with slayer tasks completely random) - Added discord annoucements for global events - Fixed ring of wealth enchanting - Updated pvm point shop - Completely reworked all stackable items - Fixed automatical donations you can now claim by talking to the donator shop at home - Enabled double donations until friday 02/05/2020 (extended the time period) - Fixed the teleport home (You now teleport home instead of teleporting into a theiving stall) - Reworked nulled items to actually have a name displayed - Fixed double dragon bones - Fixed world map (takes you to https://colossus-ps.xyz/forum/
  7. mod qw


    Patch Notes 0.1 *Added crystal Chest To Home *Adjusted Point Shop Prices to sustain a great Economy Pvm points , Vote points and Donator point shops. *Fixed and adjusted Client Changes *Fixed altar at home *Fixed all arrow bonuses *Fixed all bolt bonuses *Added dragon bolts *Added dragon bolt specials *Auto Voting + Auto Donation System Added. *Reworked donation webstore *Added new banking interface *Fixed/Adjusted quest tab *Reworked annoucements + game events *Reworked tournaments *Fixed TOB *Fixed the Trading Post Issue (where clicking out of the interface bugged other interfaces) *Added Droprate to the BIS ”Hazelmere Signet Ring (i). *looked into all slayer masters and tasks to make sure slayer runs smoothly. -Added other minor Quality of Life Updates to make Release Smooth and great for everyone.
  8. Welcome to Colossus-PS, Stay tuned, we will be launching on the 2/2/20. Spread the word i hope you're all ready! Many thanks, staff team