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Rules of Colossus

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1.) No harassing/flaming:

Using disrespectful language aimed at another players religion, race or belief, or any form of general harassment is absolutely not tolerated. Friendly banter is acceptable with in reason. 

2.) No inappropriate usernames/profile picture:

No overly inappropriate usernames or profile pictures. Any absurdly vulgar or offensive names will be terminated immediately.

3.) Advertisement:

Using our community to advertise another RSPS or any other entity is prohibited on Colossus.

4.) Third party software:

Using a third party software to gain an advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.

5.) Real world trading:

Real world trading will never be tolerated, both parties will be punished.

6.) Bug Abuse: 

If you find a bug report it instantly. If you are found abusing a bug you will be punished.

Punishment will be determined based off the severity of the bug.

7.) Chargebacks:

Chargebacks are no joke, you will be banned and the only way to be unbanned will be to repay the full amount charged back +10%.

The option to repay full amount +10% can be voided by owner, will be taken on individual case basis.

8.) Invading other communities:

Advertisement is not allowed on our server and we will not allow our community to advertise on others.

9.) Punishment evasion:

Evading punishment by changing ip address will result in a UUID ban.





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