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Updates 19/10/2019

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- Nerfed dragon implings -

Moved to a dedicated donator shop

- Added automatical claiming donations -

Scythe of vitur is now blocked in the wilderness

- New player ranks added

- Pest control timer reduced to 20 seconds

- Fixed voting

- Client launcher complete

- Reworked NPC names

- Adjusted OPcodes (graphics and visuals)

- Disabled particles - Added new iron man shops

- Fixed herb sack

- Added pvm point exchange scroll (same as loyalty scroll)

- Ahrims staff 1 handed

- Added correct brimstone chest at ::konar

- Added kaluum dungeon teleport the correct way at ::konar

- Added 32k object support

- Added kurask slayer only zone

- Added devout boots

- Added Ferocious gloves

- Added creating dragon hunter lance

- Added creating brimstone boots

- Added creating devout boots

- Added creating ferocious gloves

- Added alchemical hydra

- Fixed wyrm death emote

- Fixed wyrm spelling in teleports

- Changed prices in vote shop for gold key

- Added all slayer helms to check npc kill logs + current slayer task

- Removed master farmer from daily tasks

- Fixed slayer wyrm task

- Fixed clipping at home

- Added fountain at home to imbue rings, magic short bow, basic items

- Fixed zulrah instances - Added multiple instance support (limit was 5)


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