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27/10/2019 New Elite and Halloween armours added

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  - Fixed dragon hunter lance (25% more damage towards dragons)

- Added well of good will + a icon shows when the 20% boosted double drops are active

- Added Zamorak, bandos, saradomin, aramadyl godsword (or) special attacks

- Added dragon bolts opal + dragon stone special effects

- Added a new donator zone

- Added new objects to existing donator zone

- Added donator perk, Mining, fishing, woodcutting

- Changed player support icon (more professional)

- Added new elite armours (Justiciar) - Added 2019 Halloween event armour

- Added part 2 Halloween event (Collect crystals to proceed to next part)

- Started utilizing our player base by advertising on larger communities

- Fixed Hunter xp issue

- Changed our donator ranking system

- Fixed a issue with dragon lance and donator store

- Fixed bracelet of ether duplication glitch

- Added osrs trading

- Updated loyalty shop

- Buffed elite void

- Buffed elite justiciar

- Made 2019 Halloween set cosmetic only - Buffed drop catcher


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