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Patch Notes 0.1

*Added crystal Chest To Home

*Adjusted Point Shop Prices to sustain a great Economy Pvm points , Vote points and Donator point shops.

*Fixed and adjusted Client Changes

*Fixed altar at home

*Fixed all arrow bonuses

*Fixed all bolt bonuses

*Added dragon bolts

*Added dragon bolt specials

*Auto Voting

+ Auto Donation System Added.

*Reworked donation webstore

*Added new banking interface

*Fixed/Adjusted quest tab

*Reworked annoucements + game events

*Reworked tournaments

*Fixed TOB

*Fixed the Trading Post Issue (where clicking out of the interface bugged other interfaces)

*Added Droprate to the BIS ”Hazelmere Signet Ring (i).

*looked into all slayer masters and tasks to make sure slayer runs smoothly.

-Added other minor Quality of Life Updates to make Release Smooth and great for everyone.

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