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Patch Notes 0.2
- Fixed trading post bug (invisable inventory)
- Removed herbs from global annoucements
- Added broadcast system
- Added tournaments
- Added brimstone chest
- Added brimstone keys (droped with slayer tasks completely random)
- Added discord annoucements for global events
- Fixed ring of wealth enchanting
- Updated pvm point shop
- Completely reworked all stackable items
- Fixed automatical donations you can now claim by talking to the donator shop at home
- Enabled double donations until friday 02/05/2020 (extended the time period)
- Fixed the teleport home (You now teleport home instead of teleporting into a theiving stall)
- Reworked nulled items to actually have a name displayed
- Fixed double dragon bones
- Fixed world map (takes you to https://colossus-ps.xyz/forum/

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