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Well of Goodwill - Item donations

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Abyssal Whip - 5M
Armadyl Godsword - 62.5M
Abyssal Dagger - 37.5M
Abyssal Tentacle - 37.5M
Abyssal Bludgeon - 42.5M
Blessed Saradomin Sword - 17.5M
Elysian Spirit Shield - 100M
Draconic Visage - 17.5M
Dragonfire Shield - 17.5M
Malediction Ward - 20M
Odium Ward - 20M
Armadyl Crossbow - 42.5M
Heavy Ballista - 25M
Light Ballista - 20M
Toxic Blowpipe - 75M
Dark Bow - 20M
Seers Ring - 2.5M
Seers Ring (i) - 7.5M
Archers Ring - 2.5M
Archers Ring (i) - 7.5M
Warriors Ring - 2.5M
Warriors Ring (i) - 7.5M
Berserker Ring - 2.5M
Berserker Ring (i) - 7.5M
Treasonous Ring (i) - 15M
Tyrannical Ring (i) - 15M
Ring of Suffering - 12.5M
Amulet of the Damned - 12.5M
Amulet of Fury - 5M
Amulet of Torture - 20M
Necklace of Anguish - 20M
Tormented Bracelet - 10M
Primordial Boots - 25M
Eternal Boots - 25M
Pegasian Boots - 25M
Smouldering Stone - 22.5M
Bandos Chestplate - 25M
Bandos Tassets - 22M
Armadyl Helmet - 37.5M
Armadyl Chestplate 37.5M
Armadyl Chainskirt - 37.5M
Zamorak Godsword - 10M
Bandos Godsword - 10M
Saradomin Godsword - 30M
Ring of Wealth - 10M
Dragon Boots - 4M
Kraken Tentacle - 30M
Dinhs Bulwark - 50M
Elder Maul - 75M
Ancestral Robe Bottom - 50M
Ancestral Robe Top - 50M
Ancestral Hat - 50M
Saradomin Sword - 10M
Ranger Boots - 10M
Dragon Pickaxe - 7.5M
Dragon Axe - 5M
Kodai Wand - 40M
Kodai Insignia - 30M
Ballista Limbs - 2.5M
Ballista Spring - 2.5M
Light Frame - 5M
Heavy Frame - 7.5M
Monkey Tail - 7.5M
Infinity Hat - 1M
Infinity Robe Top - 1M
Infinity Robe Bottom - 1M
Infinity Gloves - 500K
Infinity Boots - 500K
Bandos Boots - 2M
Twisted Buckler - 30M
Twisted Bow - 100M

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