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Patch Notes 0.7
- Fixed teleporting into stall
- Buffed scythes
- Buffed deathtouch darts
- Re-added deathtouch darts to donator store
- Buffed all melee weapons in-game
- Buffed all range weapons in-game
- Fixed mining signs outside woodcutting guild
- Added Volitile nightmare staff
- Added facegaurd
- Added Pos, general store, slayer masters and altar to change spell books to ::dz and ::Edz
- Changed pestcontrol timer to 10seconds
- Fixed elite body armour
- Added elite justiciar armour
- Updated red twisted bow (BIS bow ingame)
- Discord update for all staff members, everything is now monitored on discord
(clan chat, commands, yells, trades, fights, private messages, general chat)
- Updated to #188 latest osrs data
- Buffed XP
- Added ring of wealths picking up coins and blood money
- Buffed torva, pernix

P.S we dont add every single update, if you'd like to see every update please let a staff member know and we'll be sure to start including all updates.
the updates that are included are updates that effect the games integrity.

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