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Patch Notes 0.8
- Added 200m max capes 
- Fixed clipping in inferno 
- Rare drop announcements adjusted 
- Fixed crystal halberd and bow
- Lowered gauntlet HP
- Fixed gauntlet monster drops spawning on objects
- Ring of weaths now pick up blood money 
- Removed coin pickups from drop catcher was causing money to duplicate (duping money) 
- Reworked how arrows give bonuses to prevent maxing at 90 hit damage 
- Reworked stats on: Barrow set bonus, scythes, rapiers, torva. (Currently working way through customs)
- Added coral crossbow (down to player vote what it should fire (idea - rocks / coral) 
- We have teamed up with a model developer (we won’t be having complete customs made but we are happy for recolors or added objects/pictures to capes/swords/crossbows etc) 
News: Doesn’t take a genius to work out our low player count, if you can trust me which some may find difficult I can promise once we start advertising we will easily be peaking 50+ we currently have some incredibly talented staff members like relax for example. I’ve had multiple Youtubers and developers comment on colossus-ps how advance and successful it can become just takes patience. We will be holding a invitation competition. Hosted by Doo brown. Thank you for reading many thanks, Colossus-PS staff team!

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