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Patch Notes 0.9
- Fixed varrock rooftop agility
- Fixed seers rooftop agility
- Adjusted login message (previous used to spam)
- Added new daily log reward system
- Added IP logs for daily rewards
- Added Galvek
- Added Galvek looting bag (misc 1/100 arcane)
- Added lottery system
- Added gambling (This can be enabled and disabled up to staff memembers disgression)
- Added Sanguinest staff charging and combat script
- Added dialog system for gambling npc
- Fixed buttons and hover buttons on daily rewards
- Added all nightmare staffs
- Added The Nightmare of Ashihama
- Updated to loading the latest osrs versions #188.7
- Added zolcano
- Fixed random room rotations
- Updated online donator store
- Added all nightmare staff specials and animations
- Fixed shooting star spawning in the wrong coordinates

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